Campfire Radio Theater

A Modern Audio Drama Horror Anthology… Hear the Fear!

RIP Part I

October 5th, 2014


Newlyweds on the final eve of their honeymoon are haunted by the ghosts of old Whitechapel as a mysterious pub patron breathes terrifying new life into the bloody terror that gripped the streets of Victorian London.

Warning: Contains graphic content not suitable for younger audiences.

Written and Directed by Blaine Hicklin

Series produced by John Ballentine


Rish Outfield            

Gerti Steele

Alan Steele             

David Ault              

Caitlin Sneddon

Robert Cudmore     

Matthew  McLean

Wendy Bilton Arbuckle

Jim Balfour

Music by Kevin Hartnell and Kevin MacLeod

Vocal arrangements performed by Lisa Greaves Taylor

Produced in association with Yap Audio. Special thanks to Rish Outfield of the Dunesteef Podcast and Alan and Gerti Steele.

Running Time 25:42

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