Campfire Radio Theater

A Modern Audio Drama Horror Anthology… Hear the Fear!

Night Delivery

September 20th, 2015


A rookie late night radio DJ is entangled in the web of a beguiling young beauty in red and devilish reverse rock lyrics as a dark wave of violence sweeps 1980s Atlanta.

Warning: Contains explicit language and graphic content not suitable for younger audiences.

Written, directed and produced by John Ballentine


Rish Outfield 

Blythe Haynes

Blaine Hicklin

John Ballentine

Anitra DeLorenzo

Melissa English

Kevin Hartnell

Steve Schneider

Music by Kevin Hartnell

Orignal Songs by Overlook Hotel Records featuring Joe Bartoldus, Mike Chambers, Andrew May, Mat Williams and Kevin Hartnell

Running Time 37:33

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