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A Modern Audio Drama Horror Anthology… Hear the Fear!

God of the Razor

July 30th, 2018


A man investigates an old Texas mansion searching for antiques but soon finds more than he bargained for. Because in this lonely stretch of land, ancient gods walk the earth and their followers have little choice but to obey their twisted demands.

Warning: Contains explicit language and frightening situations not suitable for younger audiences.

Written by Joe R. Lansdale

Adapted for audio by Jerry Stearns

Directed by Brian Price

Produced by Scott Hickey

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Great Northern Audio

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Intensive Care

July 15th, 2018


Alex wakes in a run-down New England hospital with foggy memories of a car accident and his missing girlfriend, Elizabeth. And – was that a scream in the distance? Unable to decipher mind-bending delusions from reality, Alex soon realizes that his condition is much more critical than he first believed.

Production Team:
Matthew J Boudreau, Samantha Mason, and Frederick Greenhalgh

Written by James Comtois

* Nat Angstrom – Alex
* Bernie Horowitz – Mrs. Lee
* PG Lorusso – Mr. Bradley
* Kristina Balbo – Elizabeth
* Dave Marshall – Doctor
* Hannah Kramer – Nurse 1
* Janice Gardner – Nurse 2
* Ashley Brooks – Nurse 3

The Dark Tome

The Cleansed

Aural Stage Studios

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