Campfire Radio Theater

A Modern Audio Drama Horror Anthology… Hear the Fear!

The Master’s Hungry Children

March 26th, 2012

As World War 2 draws to a close, a squad of bullying Nazis occupy a remote Romanian village populated by old men, women and livestock. But all is not as it appears as a bitter Winter night falls and the Germans find themselves stalked by something far more bloodthirsty than the pursuing Red Army.

Written, directed and produced by John Ballentine


John Ballentine

Blaine Hicklin

Dennis Kacsur

Tanja Milojevic

Glenn Hascall

Music by Kevin MacLeod

"Mournful Strings" by Hammerklavier

Running time 31:55

Night Chills Takes the Win!!!

March 4th, 2012


I'm pleased to announce our most recent episode "Night Chills" won the Splattercast award for best horror audio drama! Many thanks to the guys over at the Splattercast podcast and all those that voted for us! Special thanks to Julie Hoverson of 19 Nocturne Blvd for nominating "Night Chills" and of course the spectacular voice talents of a stellar cast including Allison Manley, Shelby Sessler, Blaine Hicklin and Larry Perkins!

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