As World War 2 draws to a close, a squad of bullying Nazis occupy a remote Romanian village populated by old men, women and livestock. But all is not as it appears as a bitter Winter night falls and the Germans find themselves stalked by something far more bloodthirsty than the pursuing Red Army. Written, directed and produced by John Ballentine Cast John Ballentine Blaine Hicklin Dennis Kacsur Tanja Milojevic Glenn Hascall Music by Kevin MacLeod "Mournful Strings" by Hammerklavier

Running time 31:55

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  • Michael L Stokes

    Impressive! I was totally captivated by the story and the acting was awesome. I’m also blown away with the quality of your production John. I’ve been working in audio drama post-production for a couple of years, and this was one of the highest quality productions I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Consider me a huge fan of your work! :)

    Mar 27, 2012 at 10:47 pm