A young woman's cell phone diary chronicles the end of days first hand as deadly alien war machines emerge from fallen meteorites and rain fiery destruction upon an unsuspecting populace.

A new adaptation of the H. G. Wells classic!

Warning: May contain explicit language and graphic content not suitable for younger audiences.

Adapted, produced and directed for this series by John Ballentine


Shelby Sessler     http://www.youtube.com/user/shelbeanie143?feature=watch

Joe Stofko            http://www.harvestaudio.joestofko.com/home/

Jack Kincaid         http://edictzero.wordpress.com/

Glenn Hascall       http://www.freewebs.com/glennhascall/

John Ballentine

Blaine Hicklin

Julie Hoverson      http://www.19nocturneboulevard.net/

Teresa Ballentine

Catherine Rinella  http://midnightaudiotheatre.com/

Scott Spaulding     http://decoratedair.com/

Music by Kevin MacLeod and Setuniman

 Running time  37:07

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